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Report from Ghana (30 June, 2014)

I apologize for not sending an update since arriving in Ghana on Saturday. We’ve had either internet or electricity issues since we arrived so its been very difficult for us to communicate

Today was an awesome day! Luke and I facilitated an Encounter for 40 church leaders. They were so hungry for the Lead Like Jesus message. One leader told me “we’ve never heard such teaching as this before, this changes everything”.

Below are some pictures of today’s Encounter.

Blessings! Thanks for your prayers. More from Ghana tomorrow.


Luke leading a discussion during today’s Encounter

Leaders participating in the Change exercise.

The Unconditional Love activity

Sunset in Ghana


Update – arrived in Ghana

We arrived in Ghana at 11 am yesterday after two flights that lasted all night. We got a good nights rest and are on our way to church this morning. I’ll post an update later this afternoon.



Report from Uganda (26 June, 2014)

Greetings from Uganda! What a day we had!! We started off this morning by having the leaders conduct a simulated Encounter. They did very well and with a few exceptions are starting to really understand the material and how to facilitate.

This afternoon, we all gathered together to celebrate and for Pastor Daniel to cast his vision for taking Lead Like Jesus to Uganda and beyond. We started with a time of singing, prayer, and worship. What a great experience! After that, Daniel spoke to the group and clearly articulated his vision to the group and asked them to fully commit to it. He gave a very powerful and motivating speech that laid out how by focusing on developing a “few” leaders, who would also commit to developing leaders, they could do exactly what Jesus did and impact the many.

Beginning next year, we will begin decentralizing the training. Luke and I will come back to conduct Phase 3 (team leadership) training here in Iganga. After that, these leaders will conduct Phase 2 and Phase 1 training at five (5) different sites, four in Uganda and one in South Sudan. Daniel also announced the formation of a leadership team that will oversee the planning and execution of next year’s training and the leader development process. Luke and I will serve as “coaches” to assist and advise these leaders as they develop and implement their plans.

We finished this afternoon by Daniel presenting certificates to all the 30 new leaders that completed the Phase 1 training. We then spent a long time in worship and prayer, thanking God for what He has done and for what He will do through this group of leaders.

This will be my last report from Uganda. It has been a rather quick two weeks. I am looking forward to our visit to Ghana but I will indeed miss my friends and partners here in Uganda. I told Luke this evening that I think we just passed the “baton” to Pastor Daniel and his team. It is now up to them to take it and run with it. Both of us feel very confident that they will!

We leave Iganga tomorrow morning for Kampala and the Entebbe airport. Our plan is to visit a Christian school here in Iganga tomorrow morning. We will then travel to Jinja and visit the Source of the Nile and do some shopping at a local craft market there. After lunch, we head to Kampala. We plan on eating dinner with Stone Kyambedde, a long time friend and the coach of the Uganda soccer team. From there, Pastor Daniel will take us to the airport to catch our flight to Ghana.

It has been a very rewarding two weeks. It has indeed been a blessing to have the opportunity to be part of something special that is happening here in Uganda.

Thanks for your continued prayers. I would ask everyone who reads this to keep these Godly leaders in your prayers.

I have posted a couple of pictures from today’s training below.

My next post will be from Ghana. Blessings!


One of our new leaders facilitating the Change exercise

Lead Like Jesus Phase 1 and 2 participants (2014)

Report from Uganda (25 June, 2014)

Greetings from Uganda! We had a very good day today. We got off to good start with our teach-back sessions and progressed nicely through the day.

It truly is a pleasure being able to watch the leader’s from last year’s training (now in Phase 2 of the process) as they coach and teach this new group of leaders. The only problem that we had today was that some of the leaders who are also pastors wanted to preach instead of facilitate. But, once we addressed that to their coaches (Phase 2 leaders) they started following the facilitator guide more closely.

Pastor Daniel hit me with a surprise request this morning. I should have seen it coming but I did not. Last Wednesday evening, Luke gave a talk on Pastor Daniel’s radio show. Well, tonight was my turn. Fortunately, he let me know around 10 am or so this morning and I was able to put some notes together for it. The show is about Faith, Family, and Finances. I gave a talk entitled “Five Key Biblical Principles for living a successful and prosperous life.” Of course, everything had to be interpreted. After my talk, they took calls from people who may have a question or to request prayer. I jokingly told Luke and Pastor Daniel that my mother once told me that I “had a face for radio.” (Of course, that wasn’t true. It is true that I have a face for radio but my mother never said that.)

Tomorrow, we are going to finish with “simulated” Encounters and by getting the new leaders commitment to continue into Phase 2 of the program by agreeing to facilitate 3-5 Encounters over the next year and to meet with a coach (one of our current Phase 2 leaders) once per quarter.

Thanks for your continued prayers. They indeed have been a blessing for us.

I have posted a few pictures below for you.

More to follow tomorrow from Uganda! Blessings!


Mum’s Resort – our hotel

Pastor Moses is leading the discussion on 2 Roles of the Servant leader

Dibeta listens as one of the new leader reads from the scripture

One of our new leaders is discussing the Transformational Leadership Cycle

Report from Uganda (23 & 24 June, 2014)

I’m sorry for not being able to post my report yesterday (June 23). When we returned to the hotel yesterday evening, the internet was working fine. However, when I came back to my room after dinner I was unable to log on. I tried until about 10:30 pm and finally tried to get some sleep.

Yesterday was also not a great way to start off our second week of leader development. We were supposed to begin at 9 am but actually did not get started until noon. Even then, most of the new leaders had not arrived. They seemed to trickle in most of the afternoon. The lunch meal was supposed to be ready at 1 pm was finally served at 3 pm. Plus, there were a host of other distractions going on. Not a very good learning environment by anyone’s standards.

Luke and I both were disappointed but not ready to throw in the towel. The leaders were able to complete about half of the Encounter before we called an end to the day at 6 pm.

Today not only started well but finished that way as well. We planned on starting at 9 am and did kick things off at 9:30 am (not bad for Uganda time). There were about 95 percent of the new leaders who were there and ready to be trained, with only a few late comers. We ended up with 30 new leaders that are beginning at Phase 1.

Our Phase 2 leaders did a really good job of keeping on track and we finished the Encounter by 12:30 pm. As luck would have it, the lunch was ready at nearly the exact same time! We started back at 1:30 pm by breaking them down into four (4) groups and doing a review of the key points/concepts from each section of the Encounter. Last year’s leaders, for the most part, did a good job ensuring that the new leaders understood these key points, how to facilitate the activities and exercises, and they answered a lot of questions. A few of the them, got into their “preaching” mode from time to time, but overall things went very well. We finished at 5 pm and had reviewed two-thirds of the material with them.

Tomorrow, we will finish the review in the morning and then begin our teach-back sessions. If we get started early like we did today, it should be a very good day.

Please keep us and these men and women in your prayers. I have posted a few pictures from today’s training below.



Pastor Daniel talking about 4-Part Vision

Dibeta and Chris leading a group through the Unconditional Love activity

Mathiass conducts a review of the material with a group of leaders

Report from Uganda (June 22, 2014)

Sunday morning at the Mum’s Hotel in Iganga, Uganda was fairly quite. Not a lot happening here this morning. Most of the rooms are empty on the weekends, so were able to sleep in a little later than normal.

Today, we worshipped and I mean we really, really worshipped. Luke and Courtney went to Pastor Daniel’s church and Luke preached there. I went to Pastor David’s church to speak there. David is the cousin of Tabitha Kyambadde, who was instrumental in setting up the first Lead Like Jesus team to come to Uganda in 2011.

Wow! Wow! Wow! That is all that I can say. They really know how to worship. They sing. They clap. They dance. It was just an unbelievable experience.

After the service ended at David’s church (2 hours), I came back to Daniel’s church where they had planned for a family day and would be having a meal for everyone after the service was over. Luke had finished preaching by the time that I arrived but the service was far, far from over. In fact, in went on for another 2 hours, or until 3 pm. They had various groups of men, women, teenagers, and young children sing songs. At the very end, even Pastor Daniel got into the act and led several songs himself.

I was really struck by two things today at both of the churches. First, there were a tremendous number of young people, especially teenagers and those who might be in their mid-20’s, at these churches. Both churches are fairly new and they have 75 percent or more in young people attending them. The second thing that really stood out for me was the tremendous excitement, enthusiasm, and energy. This really speaks well of what both Pastors are doing. If they will do a good job of discipling these young believers we will see some really great things happen for our Lord in the city of Iganga.

Tomorrow, we begin the second week of our training program where the leaders that we taught last week in Phase 2 of our 4-year process, will now be teaching up to 50 leaders who will be beginning Phase 1. It should be another good week.

Thanks for your prayers. I pray that all is well with you and yours.

More to follow from Uganda tomorrow. Below I have included some pictures from today’s services for you to see.



Luke (left) and I sitting outside of Mum’s Hotel waiting on our driver.

Pastor David’s church worshipping this morning.

Worship at Pastor Daniel’s church

Pastor Daniel leading the singing

Report from Uganda (June 21, 2014)

Today is a day of rest for us. But, as I usually do, I got up fairly early (7:30 am) to eat breakfast and get some coffee. I did have a good nights sleep for a change. In fact, it was the best that I’ve had since arriving in Uganda.

Luke was going to meet me for breakfast at 8 am, but he chose to sleep in and I can’t blame him for doing so since we both were very tired after a fairly demanding week.

Israel, our driver, picked us up at 10 am and took us to Pastor Daniel’s home. We visited with his wife and children (and Stuart, their cat) for a few minutes while he went into town to buy some feed for the 300 chickens that he raises.

We then went from Daniel’s home to visit two small villages and the small farm that his ministry has purchased that is located a few miles outside of the city of Iganga. There, we met a few of the ladies who were weaving and making handbags and mats. Luke purchased a nice handbag for Courtney from them.

The farm is located between the two villages where Daniel wants to plant a church. My Sunday school class has donated some funds to help him get the church off the ground. Next week, we will meet the man that Daniel says wants to come from a village near Kampala to be the pastor. They should be able to start this new church this fall.

Daniel’s long-term vision for the farm is to use it to start a leader training center to equip and prepare church leaders for churches in the rural areas of Uganda. His goal is to train leaders and pastors in not only Biblical knowledge and to be a servant leader, but also equip them with a skill (such as farming or repairing motorcycles) that they can use to make a living to support their family.

After visiting the farm we drove back to the hotel and had a late (3 pm) lunch and spent the next couple of hours talking with Daniel about his work and future plans.

On Sunday, Luke will be preaching at Daniel’s church and I will be speaking at another church that is located on the other side of town.

More to follow from Uganda tomorrow. Thanks for your continued prayers.