Update from Uganda – Sunday, July 19, 2015

Greetings from Uganda! 
I had a very good day today! Daniel picked me up at 8:30 am and we went to church. I was to be the guest speaker at both services this morning. The first service started promptly at 9 am (starting on time is a really big deal here because normally they don’t). They worshipped for about an hour (and I mean they really worshipped!). They sang, and danced, and sang, and danced some more. It was pretty awesome! You could definitely feel the presence of God there this morning. Daniel introduced me and I started to speak a few minutes after 10 am. I spoke on the subject of “Five things that God uses to build your Faith” and is based on a Bible study by Andy Stanley that we did a year or so ago. It would normally took me about 30 minutes, but with an interpreter it took me right at one (1) hour. After I finished, they sang a few more songs, took up the offering, and gave some announcements. The service concluded at 11:30 am.

The second service started at noon. Again, it started right on time. I did notice that the seats were only about one-half filled at that time, but later when I got up to speak, they were all filled. (With both services, I would estimate their attendance was around 500) They basically did the same things during the second service as they had done in the first one, except during this service they had five or six people give their testimonies. I also noticed that they sang different songs. They were even more upbeat and I recognized that about half of the songs were contemporary Christian songs that we sing in the US. The crowd at this service was a younger one, so it makes sense that they would change their style of music. I again spoke for about an hour and we finished at 2:30 pm. I then went back to Mum’s to eat lunch and rest.

Daniel had talked with me earlier this morning about going to visit the church that my Sunday school class helped plant, as well as his farm, later on this afternoon. Unfortunately, something came up and Daniel was unable to take me there. We are now planning to visit the church and farm next Saturday after our training is over. Daniel, Alex from South Sudan, and several other leaders did come over to visit with me at the hotel this evening. It was really great to see them again and to hear how the Lord has been blessing their ministry. 

Overall, it was a wonderful day of worship. I truly enjoyed watching the folks here as they sang and danced during the worship services. They really do know how to worship! It is also good to see how Daniel’s church is really growing and to see so many younger people (20-30 years old) not only attending the services, but also participating in them. They are truly doing a great work!

Tomorrow morning, we begin Phase 3 of our training. The plan is to start off this first day by getting reports from each of the leaders and feedback on their ministry and then spending some time in prayer with them. After lunch, we will review their plans for the upcoming training of the 30 leaders that they have in Phase 2, and for the 90 new leaders who will be beginning Phase 1. We will then conclude the day by spending some time discussing Leader Huddles and the importance of coaching and mentoring.

Luke Kuepfer, and his son Jamin, will be flying from South Africa tomorrow to join me here in Iganga. They should arrive at Mum’s at around 11 pm or so. They will also have to travel the Kampala to Iganga road, so your prayer for their safe travel will be greatly appreciated.  

Well, that does it for today! It is truly great to be back in Uganda. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and hearing from them in person about some of the great things that are taking place in their ministry because of their commitment to Lead Like Jesus and to raise up a new generation of leaders for God’s kingdom.

More from Uganda tomorrow. Thanks again for all your prayers!




2 thoughts on “Update from Uganda – Sunday, July 19, 2015

  1. Owen Phelps

    Fred, great to picture you in Uganda — serving the Lord. Brings back a lot of great memories of the time spent with you there. What a blessing to meet you and share ministry with you. Stay well and be assured of my prayers. Owen



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