Greetings from Cameroon – Thursday, March 10, 2016

It was another very good day of training leaders here in Cameroon. We completed the review of the material with the leaders this morning and began the teach-back sessions in the afternoon. 

For the teach-backs, we divided them into two groups of 11 leaders each. Luke and Daniel stayed with one group in our original classroom, while I went with the second group to a new classroom. We then appointed a group leader who divided out the various topics making sure that each person in the group will have the opportunity to teach at least twice.  I wass really impressed with how quickly they grasped the key points of each topic area, including setting up small group discussions, the activities, and in presenting the material very succinctly. 

Another thing that has really impressed me is that Godwill Ncham (the CBC President) has set through all the training, participated in all the group discussions and activities, and now is going through the teach-back sessions just like everyone else. His involvement speaks volumes to the other leaders about the importance of developing leaders, and is a very positive sign to us that he will follow through on his commitment to take this to the rest of his organization.

The weather continues to be very good. This morning started out cool and cloudy. We then got a very, very heavy rain at about 10 am or so (what we would call a “gully-washer”). Things warmed up a bit and was more humid in the afternoon. As we were going to dinner this evening it looked like the big rain clouds were starting to move back in. So, we will probably get some rain this evening. Someone told us that their rainy season is just beginning, so I guess we will see rain the rest of the time we are here.

Tomorrow (Friday), we will complete the teach-back sessions and be ready to wrap things up on Saturday morning. We also will be going to their morning Chapel service at 6:30 am. It should be another great day!

That’s my report for today. More to follow tomorrow! Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement.




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