Greetings from Cameroon – Friday, March 11, 2016

It has been another good day here in Cameroon. We finished up our teach-back sessions this afternoon and will be wrapping things up tomorrow morning by working with them to plan for next year’s training, the next steps they need to take after we leave, and to help them set up leader huddle groups.

This morning we had quite an experience attending their Chapel service. Luke, Daniel, and I when we arrived at the chapel at 6:30 am there was only 15-20 people their. The service was supposed to start at 6:35 (why at that time no one knows) and five minutes it before it is supposed to start the church is almost empty. But, to our amazement, within 10 minutes it was almost totally full! The service was very good. They had a prayer-type service where they sang a verse of a song and then prayed, then sang some more, then prayed, then sang some more. All the singing was in accapella. It was really a beautiful service and a great way to start the day.

We got another gully-washer type rain this afternoon at about 4 pm just when we had concluded our training session. Today has been the coolest day we’ve had, a very comfortable 70 degrees or so.

Tomorrow (Saturday), we should finish up by noon and after lunch our host, Godwill Ncham, is going to take us on a tour of the area. We originally was supposed to return to Bamenda on Saturday evening but the plan has changed and we will now be staying here in Mbingo.

That’s my report for tonight. Thanks for all your prayers.

More from Cameroon tomorrow! Blessings!


Here’s a couple pictures for you:

This is the view behind the hospital

Leaders doing one of the activities during the teach-back sessions

This evening’s sunset – very beautiful!


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