Greetings from Cameroon – Saturday, March 12, 2016

Our goal in coming to Cameroon has now been achieved. We completed our training this morning by briefing the leaders on the next steps on the Leadership Journey and getting their commitment to join this movement to develop serving leaders that will lead, love, and serve like Jesus. I am excited to report that all 22 leaders said “yes” I will join this movement.  Praise God!

These leaders committed to teaching the Leadership Journey (PH 1) lesson at least three (3) times over the next year, recruiting 3-5 potential leaders that they will begin coaching and mentoring, being part of a leadership coaching (huddle) group that will meet once a month this upcoming year, and to complete the remaining three (3) phases of the process.

After we had briefed them about the process and asked them to make a commitment, we then answered their questions, and organized them into seven (7) leadership coaching groups. We presented each leader with a certificate, took some pictures, and then closed out the day in a time of prayer. 

This group of leaders are very excited about taking the message of serving leadership to not only the churches and ministries of the Cameroon Baptist Convention but also to their entire nation. With the leadership and support of President Godwill Ncham, I am confident that great things will happen in Cameroon. Luke, Daniel, and I could not be more pleased and we are truly thankful that the Lord has brought all this about. Needless to say, it looks like I will be coming back to Cameroon for a few more years!

Tomorrow morning, we will eat breakfast here in Mbingo and then depart for the Yaounde airport. Our flight back to the US departs at 10 PM tomorrow evening, so we ought to be at the airport early.

Thanks again for all your prayers! I would ask each of you to continue to pray for the Cameroon leaders. They have accepted a very big challenge and they will need God’s provision and protection to fulfill the vision that He has given them.

Our next destinations will be Liberia and Uganda in August, and Lord willing, to Nepal and Thailand in September. You can keep up with some of the things we are doing to develop leaders in the US and around the world by going to our website:




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