Austria-Europe trip – Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Yesterday, we visited the city of Vienna, Austria. What a beautiful and great city Vienna is! Our hosts dropped us off in front of the Vienna Opera House at around 10 am and told us that they would pick us up at the same place at 3:45 pm. Of course, it was not enough time to see everything, but it did allow us to visit some of the most famous sites in the center of the old city, such as, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, St. Peter’s Church, the Hofburg Palace, the Jewish quarter, etc. All in all, we had a very good first full day in Austria.

Today, after breakfast, we will have a short worship service and then start our work preparing the campus for the arrival of the students. I will attach a few pictures of our visit to Vienna for you. Thanks for you prayers. More from Austria and TCM tomorrow. 



Craig Yates at lunch. Look at the size of the schnitzel they served him! Wow!

Ernie Perry, Steve and Carole Humkey enjoying their lunch.

Inside St. Stephen’s Cathedral

I’ll post a few other pictures later on today (Wednesday). Hope you have a blessed day!

Auf Wiederschen!! 



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