Austria-Europe trip – Thursday, March 31, 2016

Guten morgan (good morning) from Haus Edelweiss! We had a very good day yesterday as we started our day by receiving a briefing on what TCM does here, the courses and programs that they teach, and taking a tour of their campus. After that, we went with our various work teams (food service, guest services, and grounds/maintenance) to be briefed on what we would be doing during our time here and to get organized. Then after lunch we all went to work preparing the place to receive the students who will arrive today.

After breakfast this morning, we will have a time of worship and prayer and we will continue to get things ready for the arrival of the students. It should be a very busy day. Many of the full-time staff will be making runs to the airport and train station in Vienna to pick up students, while those of us who are short-term workers will cook, clean, and do whatever else is needed to get things ready here at the campus. This evening for dinner we go from feeding 20 people to now feeding 80. After dinner, we will have a reception with the faculty, staff, students, and volunteer workers so that we can get acquainted with one another.

I would ask that you pray for the students as they travel here today that the Lord will give them safe travel and that he would look after their family while they are away. Pray also for the faculty, staff, and for us that we all may work together to make this a great learning experience for the students.

I will post a few more pictures this evening. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!

More to follow from Haus Edelweiss! 

Auf wiedersehen (goodbye)!



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