Austria-Europe trip – April 1, 2016

Guten morgen! Happy April Fool’s Day. Yesterday was a very good day here at Haus Edelweiss, but it was a very busy and tiring one. It was also the warmest and nicest day we’ve had here thus far. I think it reached 70 degrees!

After a good German-type breakfast (cold cuts, bread, cereal, etc.) we had a session where we divided up into seven small groups and prayed for the students who were traveling today to Haus Edelweiss for their classes. The first students showed up just before noon and the last ones arrived by dinner time.

The tasks of the day for the guys on the grounds/maintenance team was to rake leaves, clean out the flower beds, set up the tables and chairs on the patio, and help them set up tables and chairs in some of the classrooms. I mostly raked leaves all day and was worn out by dinner time. Michelle helped prepare the lunch and dinner meals. At lunch yesterday they prepared and served what I would call an “Austrian” Hot Brown, which was very similar to our famous Kentucky Hot Brown. It was very, very good!

After dinner we had an all campus informational meeting and prayer time. It was a “meet and greet” session. I was able to meet one of the assigned students that I was to pray for. He is from the Czech Republic. We also had written them a personal note of encouragement that was left on the desks in their rooms. I hope to meet my other “prayer partner” today.

Today (April 1st), the grounds team will continue to work on getting the yard cleaned up and a few of us will do some tile work and painting in some of the rooms that are being renovated here on the campus.

Well, that’s my report from Haus Edelweiss for today. More to follow tomorrow.

Auf weiderschen!




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