Austria-Europe trip – April 2, 2016

Yesterday was another good day here at Haus Edelweiss. It was much cooler than the day before and was cloudy. I think the high was about 55 degrees. On the grounds/maintenance team we raked more leaves, a couple of guys mowed the lawn, others hung window screens to prepare the buildings for summer (they don’t have A/C here), and we also changed and/or replaced several outside light bulbs.

Michelle again cooked in the kitchen. I think her major task for the day was to prepare the desserts for the evening meal, and they were great! Overall, the food has been really, really, good! They serve all the meals using china, so there are a ton of dishes to wash after the meals are over. All of us pitch in and wash or dry dishes. It reminds me of my KP days in basic training.

Last evening the staff held an appreciation reception to thank us for volunteering to help them. They had several cakes, chocolates, and soft drinks for us.

Thus far the only interaction we have had with the students has been during lunch and dinner. Each of us short-term workers (volunteers) has an assignment as a table host, but because of our duties as a “host” serving the food, getting them drinks, etc., we don’t have much time to talk with the students.

Today, (April 2) we will continue working on the grounds and buildings. We probably will start working on some of the inside tasks,  such as, painting and tile work. We are planning to walk a short distance this evening to a nearby village and visit the Monastery located there.

That’s my report for today. I’ll try to post some  more pictures this evening. Blessings!

Auf Wiedersehen!!



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