Austria-Europe Trip – Monday, April 4,2016

Guten morgen! We were able to “sleep in” this morning. Instead of getting up at 6 am we slept in until 6:30 am! Yesterday was a very nice day here in Austria. I think the temperature reached 73 degrees.

We started the day with breakfast at 8 am. We then had worship services at 10:30 am that was attended by the faculty, staff, volunteers, and students. The worship time was led by the students from Bulgaria. The song leader was Michelle’s prayer partner. Dr. Jim Buckley from California, who is one of the professors, gave the message. It was a great service and we all enjoyed hearing the various languages as everyone lifted up their voices in praise. It was truly a great experience.

Lunch was served immediately after the worship service. Michelle and I sat with two young pastors from Estonia. One of the pastors also works for a Christian non-profit ministry that trains young men and women. He was very interested when I told him about our leadership development process. Maybe we will be able to bring it to his country?

After lunch, Michelle went as part of a group to visit the nearby city of Baden, Austria. I decided to stay at Haus Edelweiss and take a nap. My allergies have really been bothering me these last several days. It has been warm here and everything is beginning to bloom. Michelle returned from her visit to Baden at 5:30 pm and was excited that she was able to visit the residence where Beethoven wrote his 9th symphony. After dinner, we had a short vesper service around a campfire.

Today (April 4th), it is back to work! We will continue our work on the tile that we started on Saturday and other repair tasks. Michelle will be back in the kitchen preparing our meals.

Well, that’s my report for today. More to follow tomorrow from Haus Edelweiss!

Auf wiederschen!



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