Austria-Europe trip – Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It was another beautiful day here at Haus Edelweiss. It was around 45 degrees in the morning but warmed up to 73 degrees in the afternoon. I think this has been the biggest surprise of the entire trip for me. I thought it would be cooler. 

Yesterday, we continued laying our tasks from last week. Craig and Steve laid tile while Randy and I sanded and put the first coat of stain on four handrails in the morning and we fertilized about 25 rose bushes in the afternoon. Michelle continued to work preparing our meals. For lunch we had Mediterranean curry chicken and at dinner we had Mexican burritos. After dinner we walked down to the Gasthouse at the monastery and had dessert and coffee. Michelle and I had apfelstruddel and ice cream. 

Today, we will continue with our tasks from yesterday. This evening will be the last dinner where we will have all the students with us. Most of them will begin their travel home after classes end on Wednesday

Well, that’s my report for today. More to follow tomorrow. I do plan on posting some more pictures this evening.

Auf wiederschen!




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