Austria-Europe trip – Monday, April 11, 2016

We are now in France! Bonjour!

We left Vienna yesterday morning at 6:55 am for Paris, arriving there at 2 pm. We then got our luggage and picked up our rental car from Budget and headed to St. Mere-Eglise, France in Normandy. I think it was around 3 pm when we left the airport.

It took us about a hour to get out of Paris because the traffic was so bad. Also, we missed the turn that would take us to Normandy and had to turned around, which also cost us a few extra minutes. The road from Paris to St. Mere-Eglise was A13 which is a toll road. It cost us about 13 Euro for the trip. We finally arrived at our hotel at 7:15 pm.

The hotel is a very small bed and breakfast. I think it only has 5 or 6 rooms, but it is very nice, comfortable, and located in the heart of the city of St. Mere-Eglise. We ate dinner at a restaurant across the street. Michelle had crepes and I had a dinner crepe that was stuffed with ham and included French fries. It was very good!

Today (Monday), we are headed for Utah Beach this morning. It is where the 4th Infantry Division stormed ashore on June 6, 1944. We will then visit the Airborne Museum and in the afternoon head to Mont St. Michael’s fortress which is about 35-40 KM from here. Tonight, we will end up in Bayeux and then tour Omaha Beach on Tuesday.

More from France later this evening. I will also post some pictures from today’s journey.

Blessings to you all!

Au revoir!


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