Tomorrow, if you are registered to vote, you MUST go to the polls and VOTE! No excuses! There are two reasons why you need to vote. First, this may be the most important election in the last 100 years and the future of our nation and our freedom is at stake. Secondly, thousands of men and women have fought and died so that YOU and I have the freedom that we have today and so often take for granted. 

I believe that there are four important questions that you should ask yourself before going into the voting booth: (1) Which candidate best protect the lives of unborn children?; (2) Which candidate will appoint judges to the Supreme Court and other federal courts who will judge solely based on the wording of our Constitution rather than their own activist political agenda?; (3) Which candidate will best protect religious liberty against the onslaught of secular progressives that seek to eliminate God from the public square?; and (4) Which candidate will best protect and defend our country from radical Islamic extremists both here at home and abroad? I believe that if you will honestly answer those questions you will reach the same conclusion that I have done and vote for Donald Trump as our next President.

So, tomorrow no matter how long you have to stand in line, appointments and meetings you have to reschedule, or other inconveniences you must endure, go to the polls and VOTE!! When you are in the voting booth, remember those who have given their all for your freedom, say a prayer and ask God to give you wisdom, and then cast your vote as if your life and that of your children and grandchildren depends on it – because it does! Do your duty as a responsible citizen – Vote!


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