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Greetings from Liberia

Thursday, March 23, 2017.

We successfully completed the teach-backs today. We did have two of the leaders struggle with some of the material, but we were able to coach them through it.

It was another good day! I am amazed how quickly these leaders grasped the concepts and were able to start using examples of from their culture to explain them. It was another warm and humid day here, but not as bad as the previous two days. We did have a really good rain this evening. It did cool things down but tomorrow when the sun comes up, so will the humidity.

Tomorrow morning (Friday), we will wrap things up by doing a short review of some of the key concepts, pass out materials for Phase 1 and 2, review the status of the coaching groups, and present each leader with a certificate of completion. Finally, we will set the dates for next year’s Phase 4 training.

After lunch tomorrow, we will head for Monrovia and the airport to catch my 9:30 pm flight to Brussels, where I will link up with Luke Kuepfer, and then its on to the US.

This will be my last post from Liberia for this year. I will be compiling some of my thoughts and impressions on this year’s trip to Uganda and Liberia and will summarize them for you once I’ve returned home.

Thanks so much for all those who have followed along with me on this year’s journey to Uganda and Liberia. It was truly a remarkable blessing to once again be with these amazing Christian leaders who are accomplishing some amazing things for the Kingdom! God is good!

Thanks for your prayers.



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Pictures from Liberia

Here are a few pictures from today’s teach back session.

Alex Freeman opening our session

Fannia Freeman teaching a section

Leaders in a small group activity

We had a visitor this afternoon

Greetings from Liberia

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

We were able today to finish the last section of the Phase 3 lesson and to conduct a review of the facilitator/teaching guide. All together, even though it was very hot and humid, it was a very good day.

The topics that we covered that were especially interesting and helpful to the leaders were those on resolving conflict and dealing with difficult people, empowering and delegating, and how pride and fear affects the relationships between team members.

Tomorrow (Thursday), we will conduct teach-backs where the leaders get an opportunity to teach what they’ve learned. Our approach is to train them, conduct a thorough review of the material, and let them practice teaching it. Then, we ask them to teach the lesson at least three times over the next year to a small group of leaders and to meet monthly as part of a coaching group. Our experience, after four years of doing this, has confirmed to us that by using this approach the leaders will retain most of what they’ve learned.

Please pray for Luke and Daniel in Cameroon for me. Luke emailed me today and informed me that that there may be some civil unrest planned by opponents of the government there on Friday with groups marching, demonstrating, and blocking the roadways. Potentially, Luke and Daniel could possibly get caught up in this and it might delay Luke from getting to airport in time to catch his flight back to the US and prevent Daniel from making his journey to Yaounde, Cameroon where he will be conducting a Phase 1 training session for another group of leaders there before going back to Uganda on April 3.

Well, that is my update for today. Thanks for your prayers!

More to follow tomorrow. Blessings!


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Pictures from Liberia

Here are a couple of pictures from today’s leader development training.

Greetings from Liberia!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It was another good and productive day here in Liberia. It was, however, very hot and humid here. I think that it got close to 90 degrees with a humidity of 80 percent. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is supposed to be even warmer. Your prayers are appreciated. So far, the heat is not bothering too much but it does leave me worn out by the end of the day. Thankfully, my hotel has air conditioning and I’m able to get some rest each evening.

Today, we worked our way through the Phase 4 lesson material. We completed all of it except the very last section. It should only take a couple of hours in the morning to complete this last section and start our review of the facilitator/teaching guide.

The highlight of the day, at least for me, was the training that we did on developing a team charter. The leaders really took interest in this topic. They were excited when I told them that we were going to do an activity that would walk them through the process of developing a team charter for one of the teams that they have at their church. This took some extra time but I think that it was worth it. After we completed the activity and debriefed it, several of the leaders said that they were going to back to their churches next week and do this for all of their ministry teams.

Well, that’s my update from Liberia for today. More to follow tomorrow.

Thanks for your prayers!



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Liberia pictures – Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Here’s a few pictures from today’s training.