Back to Africa

This afternoon, Luke Kuepfer and will be departing for Africa. We will be continuing the training of serving leaders in Uganda, Cameroon, and Liberia. Our first stop is in Uganda where we will be training leaders there in the fourth and final phase of our leadership development process. Then on March 18th, I will leave Uganda and travel to Liberia to train leaders in the third phase of our process , while Luke and Pastor Daniel from Uganda will travel to Cameroon to train leaders in the second phase. We will then return back to the U.S. on March 25th.

I will be posting regular updates and photos to this blog as often as I can. You can follow us in our journey by going to and clicking on the “follow” button. When you do, you will receive any updates as they are posted.

Please keep us in your prayers!




One thought on “Back to Africa

  1. Laura Siever

    God be with you, Luke, Pastor Daniel, and all the students you Are reaching in Africa!! We look forward to reading your Journey Blogs and seeing the pictures you post! Our prayers are with you! Dick and Laura



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