Greetings from Liberia!

I had a very good day here in Ganta, Liberia! It was great to once again see these men and women leaders and to know that they are doing well.

Of the original 24 leaders that began our leadership development process in 2014, 18 of them returned for the Phase 3 training. Additionally, we have two others that completed last year’s Phase 2 training. This gives us a total of 20 leaders that are being trained this year. It is also encouraging to know that of the six leaders that did not return this year, all but one are still in the program and will be trained by the Liberian leaders in Phase 3 later this year.

We began the day getting reports and feedback from the leaders. It was amazing to hear their stories as to how this training is positively impacting their ministries. Several of them reported how they have trained their entire congregation in Phase 1 and 2 (personal leadership and building trusting relationships). Others said that they now have ongoing leadership training classes in their church. Three of the leaders reported that they have taken the training into the neighboring country of Guinea and are now training pastors and church leaders there. Especially encouraging to me was Alex Freeman’s report that the leader coaching groups that we set up back in 2014 are still meeting regularly and that they have set up these coaching groups within their churches as well.

After we received their amazing reports, we next conducted a review of the key topics and principles from our Phase 2 training and I updated them on some of the revisions that we’ve made to our lessons.

In the second half of the day, we started Phase 3 of the training and was able to complete the Introduction section by the day’s end. Of particularly interest to the leaders was the activity that I gave them to look up and discuss 30 scriptures in the Bible that addresses teamwork. This really opened up their eyes and they were surprised by it. I reminded them that the Bible is the greatest leadership book of all time.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), the plan is to finish the Phase 4 lesson. This will allow us to begin our review session on Wednesday and stay of track to do the “teach backs” on Thursday.

Well, that’s my update for today. It is really good to be back here with this group of leaders, to learn the great things that God is doing in their churches as they raise up leaders, and to see this movement begin to spread to other churches, not only in Liberia but also into neighboring Guinea. What a blessing!

More tomorrow from Liberia! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.




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