The Importance of Preparing Successors

(Photo: Marie Dolo on the left, Lydia Autridge on the right)

Marie is a pastor’s wife and after completing Phase 1 of our leadership development process, she started a women’s ministry in her church and has trained every woman in her church in Phase 1 and 2 in order to equip and train them to become serving leaders. 

Last year, after completing Phase 3, which focuses on team leadership, and learning that “there is no success without a successor”, she began training Lydia to take her place. After preparing Lydia for her new role, Marie “passed the baton” to her and because she was trained and ready, she is doing a great job in her new assignment. Marie, however, began to feel that she was no longer needed and asked God to show her what he wanted her to do next. She didn’t have to wait very long. 

Within a few weeks after turning the “reigns” over to Lydia, Marie received a call from Ruth Lekpyee, who is also one of the leaders we’ve been training over the past four years. She asked Marie if she would join her in taking the message of serving leadership to other churches and helping them start women’s ministries to train and equip women leaders in their churches.

Marie’s story is a great example of why every pastor, staff member, and church leader, whether they are men or women, should be investing their time in developing leaders. Marie, because she was willing to “pass the baton”, allowed God to give her a new and “greater” assignment.  


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